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lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012


AMPELOS 2013 - Trends in world vitiviniculture development


3rd International Symposium

30 - 31 May 2013, Santorini island, Greece

The Ampelos 2013 will be held in Santorini, where the previous international symposia were successfully held in 2003 and 2006. Since then, the developments in the productive viticulture, the winemaking technique and technology and the international wine market have brought significant changes in the vitiviniculture sector in Greek, European and global level.

The advances in the developmental viticulture within the context of climate change, the progress and innovative changes in winemaking, the new strategies for promoting wine products in the new economic conditions formed globally, the institutional changes and the new trends shaping the implementation right viticulture and winemaking practices are the objects of the Ampelos 2013.

Call for papers
Abstract submission by 15 February 2013


The AMPELOS 2013 supports the initiative:

Heliotopos Conferences
Imerovigli, GR-84700 Santorini, Greece
Phone: +30 2286024758, Fax: +30 2286023672

E-mail: ampelos@heliotopos.net
Conference web site: http://ampelos.conferences.gr

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